A Cloud Workspacefor Web Developers

FullStacked is a web based application that provides everything web developers need to build web apps and websites. FullStacked remotes all its processes to a server while rendering interfaces as a progressive web app. This way, you can enjoy the resources of a powerful machine while working on any average device that has a modern browser.

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Self host a FullStacked workspace instance with the single volume, single container Docker deployment.

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FullStacked CLI

You can directly start a FullStacked workspace from your terminal with minimal features.

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 FullStacked is Open Source

The main goal of FullStacked is to make web development simpler and more accessible. The project started as a command line interface for web app development. With the multitude of web libraries and frameworks on the rise, FullStacked shifted it's focus on a better access to a functional cloud workspace for web devs. All of this while keeping the code open to the public.