A Ubiquitous Workspace for Developers

npm i -g fullstacked@latest; fullstacked

FullStacked is a web application that provides a workspace for developers. It is so easy to spin up that you will jump into your dev environment with any device. FullStacked can run locally to utilize the resources of your powerful machine, or can be accessed remotely to leverage cloud computing.

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A Unified DX across all Platforms

FullStacked is Everywhere

There used to be a time when we had 1 computer per family. Not long after, we all had our own single personal computer. Today, with all the smartphones, laptops, tablets and workstations, we daily use 2 to 5 different connected devices. With FullStacked, feel free to jump from one to another and retrieve the same workflow whatever the operating system.

Run FullStacked with


Recommended for local use

This will utilize your local resources. This is the best option if you have a powerful machine. The below command will install FullStacked globally.

npm i -g fullstacked@latest; fullstacked

If you don't want to install FullStacked permanently, use the below command to spin up FullStacked only once.

npx -y fullstacked@latest

Recommended for remote use and self-hosting

This is ideal to run a workspace instance on a server and offload your local machine of any kind of computing. This is perfect to use if you prefer to self-host and access your workspace with low resources machines like tablet, phone and inexpensive computers.

docker run --rm -p 8000:8000 -v workspace-data:/home fullstackedorg/workspace

Ever forget to git push before leaving?

FullStacked Cloud is a service providing storage syncing and ephemeral workspace instances. Access your workspace from anywhere and keep your stuff synced across all of your workspace instances.

The service is currently available in

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  • πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ί

App Install

Work in progress

Run FullStacked on any desktop OS from a single installable.

You are no longer bound to a single machine

Work on any device

Show us your workspace setup! Tag @get_fullstacked on X and be displayed here.

FullStacked is Open Source

The main goal of FullStacked is to make web development simpler and more accessible. The project started as a command line interface for web app development. With the multitude of web libraries and frameworks on the rise, FullStacked shifted it's focus on a better access to a functional workspace for devs. All of this while keeping the code open to the public and to collaboration.

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